The right venue can increase the productivity and overall success of the event

Researchers, managers and psychologists have spent the last few years exploring the influence of office space on productivity and creativity at work. They all agree that distribution of spaces, equipment and the light in the room, as well as, for example; the floor on which the conference rooms are located and the existence of plants in rooms have an important role on productivity at work.

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Biophilic design - naturally designed work environment

Today, more and more companies are becoming aware how important it is for employees to feel good in the work environment. One of the concepts that talks about well-being of the employees and has recently become a real trend is Biophilic design. What is this concept about?

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Business with foreigners proves to be more successful if we understand their culture

Before starting a business with a company whose culture is different from our own, it is extremely important that we get acquainted with possible differences that separate this culture from our ours and can influence the course of our business.

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The effect of music on productivity

Many leaders and leading company employees tend to believe that music in the workplace discourages employee’s attention from work, and negatively affects work performance.

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