Use the power of gifts at your event

Gifts are one of the most powerful weapons you can use at your event. Their appeal grows out of a simple fact – just about everyone likes something for free.

But this doesn’t mean that the gift can be anything. You should choose it carefully, considering the participants and what they expect from your event. Only in this way you can choose the right one and impress.

Because the gifts affect overall impression of the event, make sure that they are:


  • related to the content of your event or your business

The gift underlines the event. It is a thing symbolically related to it. That’s why it has to be in line with your business or brand. This also means it shouldn’t be just useless item with your logo printed on it, as people will throw it away.


  • just the right size

A really big gift can be impractical. If you hand it over at the beginning of the event, attendees will have trouble to carry it around. Therefore, it should be just the right size, which means not too small either.


  • useful

The more often visitors use the gift, the more they will remember you. And also perceive your business as – yes, useful. Therefore, the gift should be as useful and connected to everyday life as possible.


  • not too expensive or cheap

Choose the gift according to the nature of your event, as far as its price is concerned. If you spend lots of money on event, spend it on gifts too – they shouldn’t be cheap. On the other side, in modest events the gifts should also be modest.


  • available in sufficient quantity

In other words: there should be no running out of gifts during the event. Make sure there are more gifts in stock than there are expected visitors. You don't want to see the disappointed faces of those left without. No gift is better than too little!



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