How to overcome the fear of public speaking

When running a business, you need to know what you want and also how to express your opinion clearly. You have to persuade others many times and using email is often not adequate for this. Personal contact is more powerful – but when speaking to people, you need to be convincing with your energy, body language and words.

Speech is a key part of the event

Speech is also an important part of the business events. Events are a living, real thing – people gather at the same time in the same space for some common purpose. Depending on the content, it may be possible to use a moderator, but this is rarely enough. Regardless of her or his quality, the moderator acts impersonally. On the contrary, you as the organizer know the content and the participants.

So, it often happens that you simply have to perform – even though you have a fear of public speaking, which according to many studies ranks as the most powerful of all fears.

How to get rid of fear

When you find yourself in front of an audience, the fear of public speaking can strike you in many ways: from mild anxiety and nervousness to being paralyzed or in complete panic. There are, however, effective cures for dealing with it.

  • Prepare your content thoroughly

The weapon that effectively eliminates the fear of public speaking is knowing exactly what you have to say. The more you know what you are talking about, the less likely your fear will spoil your performance. The mistakes you make won’t put you off track – and even if you get lost, you'll quickly find the way back.

  • Practice, practice, practice

Stand in the middle of the room – there may be a mirror to observe your body language during the exercise – and start your speach. If you get stuck, start over and over until you speak fluently. Also anticipate any questions that the audience might ask and then answer them.

  • Record your performance

When you hear and see yourself on the recording, you will immediately know what you need to fix and refine. Don't be disturbed if your recorded performance is far from the standards you set or if you don't like your voice. Rehearse and then record again.

  • Do not force yourself to calm down

It sounds controversial – but it’s the truth. When it is almost time to start, it is not wise to try to force yourself to relax. Rather, allow the excess level of energy to change into excitement. If you don’t feel like you need to keep yourself in control, you will also be more relaxed.

We wish you a successful public speaking!


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