The right address for your next event or meeting

An event space is an important element which determines the meaning, character and atmosphere of each event and social gathering. The characteristics of an event space really determine how people feel and behave in it. When organizing an event, we must choose a place that fully corresponds to the message of the event: with its location, size, equipment, lighting and the whole ambient.

Prostor6 is a venue designed in the spirit of Scandinavian simplicity and minimalism and can be customized according to the type of your event. In an extremely accessible location in the heart of Ljubljana's business district, a total of 295 square meters offers functional conference rooms equipped with the latest technology and illuminated by natural light. If you are preparing a business meeting, presentation, workshop, photography session, video recording or other events, prostor6 has everything you need to carry out an event the way you have imagined and for your event to be a success.

295 m2

Whole office area


Broadband connection

270° View

Panoramic view of Ljubljana and the Alps


2 HD projectors

Parking spaces

Ample parking spaces


Quick access to the highway, the center of Ljubljana and the airport


Excellent cuisine, tailored to the event type


'Kitchenette' with a coffee machine

2 Terraces

Two terraces with wooden floor


Air-conditioning in all conference rooms

Room plants

A piece of nature that refreshes the space


Scandinavian simplicity and minimalism

Customers about us

»I like Prostor6, it is very bright and spacious. Parking in front of the house is great. The customer service and reception are exceptional. The chairs are comfortable and the technical equipment is working excellently. I prefer the table in a U position so that I can walk among the participants but unfortunately, this was not possible because of the fixed position of a table. Other than that everything was great.«
Rudi Tavčar, Psychologist
»We were very satisfied. 
Even in the future, whenever we will need such services, we will contact you.«
Samo Habič, Founder and CEO of Woop Ljubljana
»Both organizers and participants were very pleased with conference rooms. Despite the minor technical problems in the beginning, we successfully solved the problems and the workshop was carried out smoothly.
Your service is very responsive, oriented towards solutions and cooperation and this is all very important in our work.«
Nina Jazbec, German-Slovene Chamber of Commerce and Industry
»On behalf of my team, I would like to thank you for your great service. We started our working day in a beautiful and peaceful environment with a good coffee. I can only say the best things about this place, we had perfect working conditions and because of them we finished our working day earlier than expected.«
Izabela Dragić, Kinomotel d.o.o.
»Thank you very much for your responsiveness and an opportunity for a last-minute booking for one of the conference rooms at your company. We also thank you for your flexibility and cooperation. We look forward to working with you also in the future.« 
Tjaša Kožar, Agencija 101
»All our training participants and journalists were impressed by your beautiful conference rooms, which are designed in the spirit of Scandinavian simplicity and are full of daylight. Everything was great and as planned.«
Aleksandar Stanković, VOLVO


Room 620

Conference room 620 provides all the comforts that a successful business meeting needs. It accepts up to 10 participants and is intended primarily for medium-sized meetings and presentations, however it can also be used for other events. It is equipped with a central desk, state-of-the art connections and a big screen TV, it is extremely acoustic and is equipped with an effective sound system. Large windows let in a lot of natural light and the room can also be dimmed if necessary with the curtains. From the room, there is a direct exit to a large and comfortable terrace with a magnificent view on the Kamnik Alps.

Room 634

Room 634 has a pleasant ambience which unites an informal atmosphere with a business taste. A very functional and esthetic seating set adds a special flavor to the whole room. Room 634 offers a relaxed environment for smaller, more informal presentations and meetings for several participants. The adjacent reception area equipped with a coffee machine increases the sense of comfort. It also has a handy work desk and the room opens into the biggest conference room on the floor, room 650, which is intended for major events. Both rooms can be rented out together.

Room 650

A comfortable, spacious and air-conditioned room 650 is intended for bigger meetings, presentations and also for more informal events with up to 30 participants. In the center of the room, there is a functional and design-based desk, standing on the comfortable upholstered floor. The room is equipped with a state-of-the-art projector and screen, they are completely hidden and can be activated when needed. The room is very acoustic and equipped with an effective sound system. Big windows contribute to the fact that the room is very bright but you can also completely dim it. In one of the cupboards there is also a handy refrigerator and you are welcome to help yourself and freshen up. This room offers access to a shaded wooden terrace from which you can observe a beautiful view of the city center and the Ljubljana Castle.

Reception room 649

A relaxed atmosphere of the room 649 offers a moment to relax and sit down. You can take a short break during your meeting or class and enjoy sipping exquisite quality coffee, relax on a comfortable couch, read a magazine or newspaper, take a quick snack or walk to the spacious terrace which is directly next to this room. You can also book this room as a stand alone room, for example, for a smaller meeting.

Terrace 663

A spacious and beautifully designed Terrace 663 is a perfect venue for evening events, especially during summer months when it is nice to meet outside and observe the sunset. With its location on the 6th floor, it offers an exceptional view of the surrounding Kamnik Alps and Ljubljana. Terrace 663 has room for approximately 100 people and in the evenings can be illuminated by lights. The dominant feature of Terrace 663 is the aesthetic wooden floor. The terrace is also suitable for daily events, and at the same time it can be used as a complementary space that you can creatively use when renting other rooms.

What we offer

Room 620

20 m2
8 people

Room 634

34 m2
5 people

Room 650

50 m2
22 people

Reception room 649

49 m2
25 people

Terrace 663

63 m2
20 people


The preparation of an event itself requires a lot of effort and energy which is why you may want to leave catering your event to us. At Prostor6, in cooperation with different culinary houses, we provide catering which is perfectly adapted to the character of your event. If you like, we can advise you in choosing the right menu options which, when combined with perfect preparation of food and great service, will ensure the event is carried out perfectly.


For additional questions or for room reservation, you can call us on 01/5843 219 or write us an email at