How to make an effective intro to a meeting

In the previous blog we mentioned how important is a start of presentation. It’s a moment when participants are willing to pay attention. However, you can soon waste this opportunity by being boring or irrelevant.

This rule applies to all meetings, not just presentations – the first impression is crucial and determines the success of the meeting, so you should make the most of it.

On arrival, participants mostly ask themselves questions:
  • Why am I here?
  • Who sent me here and when will this end?
  • Is there anything useful for me?
  • Should this interest me?

It is true that these questions are often more positive as many people are highly motivated to attend. And yet – here are some rules that you have to follow if you want to successfully start the meeting.

1. Be confident of success The tone of the meeting will be clear in a matter of seconds – depending on you, the leader of the meeting, on the non-verbal communication you express, on your energy, manner of speech, choice of first words. When you enter, be confident!

2. Introduce yourself and explain the purpose of the meeting First, say who you are, greet the participants, and briefly explain why they came and what they can expect. Be relaxed. If it is a creative meeting, be fun and different. In other meetings, you can start more seriously – it's important to introduce the right vibe. Above all, it is crucial that the purpose of the meeting is clearly stated.

3. Raise energy level Immediately reveal the good things that participants can hope for. Tell what they will take away from the meeting and how it will make their work more successful. Also give participants a sense of importance and describe their role in the meeting.

4. Get people involved straight away Ask the participants what they expect from the meeting and put some questions related to its content. This will get them involved and prevent them from becoming passive listeners. As a rule, already after two minutes you can evaluate if the meeting is good or bad. We wish yours to be great. There’s one thing you can also do to increase your chances of success – choose location with the positive ambience, like prostor6 for example.


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