How to overcome the fear of public speaking

The finish is always very important – also at your event. If you don't say a few well-chosen closing sentences at the end of it, the event can feel somewhat unfinished. This is a great pity, as the whole impression of the event may be spoiled. The conclusion is necessary because it acts on the participants on both a rational and emotional level and ads the final touch to event.

Make a summary

So how do you conclude correctly? At the beginning, briefly point out the reasons for event, name its main idea and goals again and don't forget to thank all the (co) organizers who participated in the event.

Praise the success

It is then important to point out that the event was a success. Even if it hasn’t really been successful, highlight its positive sides – there are certainly at least a few. Also, remember to mention participants. Tell them that they contributed the most to success, and at the same time thank them for coming.

Look ahead

Even if the event has been very successful, this success can always be surpassed – and that is something that remains for the future. The goals to be achieved in the future can be the reason for organizing the next similar event. If so, express your joy that you will meet the participants again soon.

Be short and fun

Don’t be too long in your concluding remarks. Say it all in just a few sentences or a few minutes at most. If possible, combine sincere compliments and emphasis in speech with a sufficient dose of fun – be positive and make the listeners smile!


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