Food and drink at your event – how to make it right?

In case you didn't know – food is one of the main reasons people come to events, no matter what the content of the event is. That’s why it is very important for every event organizer to make an impression with food and drink.


The many roles of food

Food plays a very special role at the event, as it represents its informal side. When we look at food, we relax as it directs us away from efforts that the event requires – whether it is education or maybe a mental strain needed when mingling with people we know poorly.

Of course, food primarily works physiologically. People who are not hungry – and who have just eaten something delicious – are much more patient, friendly and communicative than the hungry ones.

Moreover, food can be a means to convey the marketing messages or values of your organization. You can equip your food or drinks with short text or logos that match what your event wants to say.


Consider everything when making your choice

There are many parameters to keep in mind when thinking about food: the season of the year, predominantly male or female participants, the age of the participants, their lifestyle, if there are vegetarians at the event, and so on.

Whatever choice you make based on these parameters, remember that it's always wise to be on the healthier side. Not necessarily everyone will be satisfied with healthy food, but they will resent you much less than some of those who will be served an unhealthy snack.


Advantages of choosing a catering

If you don’t have knowledge and time, you can decide for catering at your event. This has many advantages. First, it saves you time and money – yes, catering professionally and quickly takes care of everything and doesn't really cost much in most cases.

A good catering service always has many ideas, and knows how to serve food at both small and large events. An advantage is also the service staff who take care of everything and really master the service.

At Prostor6, in cooperation with different culinary houses, we provide catering which is perfectly adapted to the character of your event. If you like, we can advise you in choosing the right menu options which, when combined with perfect preparation of food and great service, will ensure the event is carried out perfectly.


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