The effect of music on productivity

Many leaders and leading company employees tend to believe that music in the workplace discourages employee’s attention from work, and negatively affects work performance. They see music as an unwanted distraction, which exceeds time needed to carry out a work activity and they believe that it only disturbs the course of the projects. If they decide to play music in the workplace, the music is often chosen according to their taste, and employees do not have much say in that.

Here comes a question: Is the music bad for a productive work performance?

Music can also have a very positive effect Contrary to such opinion of some leaders, many facts say that music can affect an individual and their productivity in a positive way. However, under an important condition: employers and leading company employees do not choose the music they like but instead leave the choice of music to their employees and also the time when they would like the music to be played. Even though the productivity may not increase during the time when the music is played, it still has the power to handle workloads and stressful situations more easily. It is also true that music can improve our mood. It helps at times when we are confronted with negative feelings as it relieves stress and draws attention away from unpleasant feelings.

The type of music is important too Still, we have to be careful about what type of music we choose to play in the workplace. The music that is upbeat and too stimulating can have a bad influence not only on the person who decides to play this type of music but also on all other employees. The music that is too loud can have a very negative effect on highly introverted employees. On the other hand, a music that we like or know it from before can have a positive effect on us and gives us pleasant feelings, even though we may not have heard a certain song before. In these situations, music can be very beneficial. Interestingly, listening to such music ensures greater concentration and focus on work. If we work in an open space with many colleagues, where there are no walls or sound barriers in between, it would be considerate to take care of our privacy if the music is too disturbing to others – we can ensure it by listening to the music through our headphones.

Prostor6 deliberately exploits the influence of music on work At Prostor6, a gentle and quiet music can already be heard when walking out of the elevator on the 6th floor. This gentle music comes from the restrooms – mostly jazz classics, soul and meditation music are played, that is, music genres that have a nice soothing and calming effect on the visitors. Since the whole floor is equipped in tranquil earth colors, it is also appropriate to choose the right music so that guests and visitors can feel comfortable and relaxed. On special occasions a different music can be played, as well, for example Christmas songs during Holiday season or other music according to the wishes from the visitors. Prostor6 is open to a wide range of visitors, from business people at formal meetings, participants at teambuildings and seminars, guests at evening events around Holiday season, to various camera crews and directors. All of them feel welcome here and work on their creative projects. The choice of music is tailored to each group that decides to rent a conference room at Prostor6 and it certainly contributes to the well-being of our guests, and the productivity and creativity of their meetings.


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