The minimalist interior enhances the well-being of visitors

Research shows that simple and organized living space reduces stress, calms the body and saves energy. Tidy environment is very positive – an interior that is based on the principles of minimalism not only frees up space in home but also in brains.

Less is more The essence of minimalism is more, not less: more time, more space, more freedom – and more peace of mind. To achieve these effects, minimalist architecture emphasizes natural light, clean furniture lines, high ceilings, and minimal equipment and decoration. Although the interior designed in this way is aesthetically pleasing, its effects are also psychological. Removing clutter and unnecessary furniture creates open space that is beneficial – if you clear the space, you clear your mind. By contrast, spaces that are messy or full of fodder cause stress: clutter is the source of visual and other stimuli that burden brains and cause anxiety.

The opposite effect However, the overly minimalist design sometimes has the opposite effect as it makes the space too sterile and we feel empty and depressed in it. Emptying the interior doesn’t mean emptying the character: the pieces of furniture must be of good quality and have a character that fills the space. Minimalism is about equipping a space with quality, not quantity.

Minimalism for effective events The effects of a minimalist interior design also apply to the spaces where events, meetings and education take place. The event participants will behave significantly differently when invited to a space arranged in accordance with the minimalist doctrine.
That’s how prostor6 is organized – it is a venue designed in the spirit of Scandinavian simplicity that can be customized to suit your needs. Placed at an accessible location in the heart of business Ljubljana, at the total of 295 square meters it offers functional spaces illuminated by natural light and with plenty of character. In minimalistic spirit, prostor6 takes care of everything, including catering, which with superb yet simple cuisine adapts perfectly to your event.


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