Smell can create ambience – use it in your event

Various scents can be used to create a certain mood, reduce stress, inspire, arouse nostalgia and so on. They have such a powerful effect on well-being that you can use them in your event: the scent can define its ambience.

And yet the smell is the element of the event that is often neglected. This is a pity, because a deliberate choice of fragrances can really elevate the event and impress the visitors.

According to some research, 75 % of our emotions come from what we smell and only 25 % from what we see and hear. It is also a fact that you can only change the perception of a place by changing the smell in it.

So why not use this powerful weapon in events?

Ask yourself what kind of atmosphere you wish to create and what your goals are, and accordingly choose a scent that will make your event even more successful.

Choose the right one
The scent you choose depends on the theme and goal of your event. Use peppermint and rosemary to increase audience focus, alertness, and brain activity. The smell of apples will make the space seem larger than it really is, making it more comfortable for the people in it. The main scents of the event can also be the ones of the food you serve.

Before the event, test the chosen scent and keep in mind that many scents will 'compete' with it, including the perfumes that participants will wear. And remember – there can be too many scents, which can be annoying.

With the right scent, you can make an impression right away – imagine the participants of your event entering and saying: "It smells great here!" Even a simple scented candle at the reception can create an ambience.

Keep in mind that humans are sensory beings. Pleasant sensory stimuli that you include in your event will give participants more pleasure and positive emotions.


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