Business with foreigners proves to be more successful if we understand their culture

Before starting a business with a company whose culture is different from our own, it is extremely important that we get acquainted with possible differences that separate this culture from our ours and can influence the course of our business. Two things are important: we cannot treat our culture as a superior culture and at the same time, we cannot assume that our business partners will behave the same way as we do and will use the same models of communication. There is a whole range of different values between cultures.

Differences can be huge Without being aware of these cultural differences, the success of doing business with foreign companies is uncertain. We may look unprepared and unprofessional in communication with other cultures due to incorrect interpretation of things. In order to avoid such failures and stressful situations we must therefore learn about the culture we do business with as much as possible. Thus, we must know, for example, if the other culture is low-context or high-context and if the organizations and companies in this country have a hierarchical or more egalitarian style of leading. The biggest differences between cultures are in the perception of time and space, manners of addressing people, greetings, touching and in eye contact. It is imperative that we learn about these differences before entering into a business cooperation with a business partner from another culture and so avoid possible disagreements.

Knowledge about cultures is becoming more and more essential and important In a today’s globalized world characterized by an increased flow of information and people and intensive intercultural cooperation, knowledge of cultures is extremely important. As connecting with other cultures and international cooperation is growing, companies have an increased need for knowledge of other languages, their mentality, culture and history of their countries. Employees who do have this knowledge have advantages over those employees who do not have this knowledge or do not pay attention to it. Because these employees are open and ready to learn and are aware of the intercultural differences – due to their experience of doing business with other cultures, studying abroad, learning about intercultural differences or other reasons – they are becoming more and more respected in their companies. Such people are also less prone to ethnocentrism and they are without prejudice when doing business with other cultures.

Prostor6 has an intercultural vibe When someone is aware of the intercultural differences, doing business with a foreign company is easier, and possibilities for success are better off from a very beginning. However, other key points are important, as well – for example, a place where we welcome and greet our business partners. This place needs to be designed in a way that participants from different cultures can identify with it.

At Prostor6, we host numerous Slovenian and international companies on a regular basis. As many different cultures encounter each other at Prostor6, the space is designed in a way to provide a successful business cooperation and effective communication. A tranquil interior together with a concept of Biophilic design contribute to the fact that customers feel welcome here – warm earth colors and the abundance of natural light bring a feeling of nature and vitality into the room which makes people feel comfortable and the meetings here are inspiring and productive. Prostor6 is a crossroads of different cultures and it is a place of inspiration and new business cooperation.


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