Biophilic design - naturally designed work environment

Today, more and more companies are becoming aware how important it is for employees to feel good in the work environment. One of the concepts that talks about well-being of the employees and has recently become a real trend is Biophilic design. What is this concept about?

We perform better in environments that blend with nature According to the theory of Biophilic design, which wants to connect modern business environment with nature as much as possible, 99 % of the time in our history, we were accustomed to adapting to natural phenomena. Today, in contrast, we adapt to the environments and buildings that we have designed ourselves. According to the Biophilic design, we feel the best and are the most productive in a naturally designed work environment that contains earth colors – such environment is important for psychophysical health and well-being. Since we spend most of our days at work, the main goal of Biophilic design is to design a working environment which is as natural in design as possible and thus good for well-being for people working there.

Separation from nature hurts us Of course, we can’t speak about just any natural environment as a Biophilic environment that has a good effect on health and well-being – desserts and deep seas are not the best for us, for example. From a desire to create an optimum environment for ourselves, people in the past wanted to separate themselves from nature and thought that the only positive thing about nature was to use raw materials for technology. This gap between nature and a man can be seen in many areas: in modern agriculture, technology, education, health, general development and architecture.

Throughout the development of civilization, people have created artificial living spaces which due to their separation from nature are insufficient and also harmful: they lack natural light, natural radiation, vegetation, views and other supportive and stimulative factors present in the natural environment.

As we are becoming more and more aware today, contact with nature is extremely importance for our productivity, as people feel more authentic and in balance. Natural light, fresh air, water and green plants contribute to the stimulation of the working environment – all this has a positive effect on an individual. This proves the fact that our physical and mental well-being depend on how much contact we have with nature which reduces stress and gives us a feeling of connection with the environment.

Prostor6 offers benefits of Biophilic design Prostor6 provides all characteristics and criteria of a true Biophilic design. It was created with an intention for the visitors to feel great in it – meeting rooms are bright, functional and fully designed in a way to have a positive influence on an individual. With its location on the outskirts of Ljubljana, just off the fields and hills, and at the top of the Volvo office building, Prostor6 is further away from the city bustle. Prostor6 is surrounded with large terraces on all sides which give a feeling of openness and freedom. With its unique and modern Biophilic design, Prostor6 is an encouraging environment for creating new stories, developing new innovative ideas and making long-term business contacts.


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