The right venue can increase the productivity and overall success of the event

Researchers, managers and psychologists have spent the last few years exploring the influence of office space on productivity and creativity at work. They all agree that distribution of spaces, equipment and the light in the room, as well as, for example; the floor on which the conference rooms are located and the existence of plants in rooms have an important role on productivity at work. It turns out that the esthetic sensory experience is important, as well, since the environment, which is soothing, contains a high level of order and similarity with nature, influences well-being in a good way and contributes to greater productivity at workplace.

Office corners for informal meetings & socializing Nowadays, people spend more and more time in workplaces and the boundaries between a professional and private life have blurred. At work, we connect with people and form new friendships, and communicate intensively with one another that is why, many companies have arranged small kitchenettes and coffee corners where employees can drink coffee with their colleagues. Such meeting spaces for a short chat or hangouts mean a lot to employees, they feel more comfortable, can network easily and ultimately, decide to stay longer at the company.

Natural light helps us recharge our batteries Researchers have also discovered that there should not be too many distractions and other decorations in the room and they emphasize a great importance of natural light. In bright and naturally illuminated spaces, employees feel better. On the contrary, a lack of light makes them feel tired. This is somehow in line with natural laws – as we know, in wintertime, due to darkness, we tend to rest more and prefer to stay at home, while sunny days in spring time make us go out into the nature and we are full of exciting new plans and fresh energy. It is precisely for this reason that important meetings, seminars, lectures or evening events take place in environments that are bright and will have a positive influence on all the participants.

Prostor6 combines all the benefits for a perfect event Professional business event normally lasts throughout a whole day, and it is desirable that participants maintain their focus and participate actively for most of the time. Prostor6 combines all features that ensure the success of an event – all of its rooms are bright and functional; because of green vegetation the space is also livelier, as this increases alertness and creativity and at the same time works calmly on everyone. Already, upon entering the reception area which is the central part of Prostor6, visitors get a feeling of homeliness which continues in other rooms, all of them decorated with warm colors – light brown, green, white and green and designed in a way which ensures discretion and full focus on work. The advantage of Prostor6 is also that it is located on the 6th floor of the office building from where one can see a beautiful view of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. One can get a feeling they are on his fingertips. During breaks between meetings and seminars, participants can relax on one of the outdoor terraces, have a walk through them or simply enjoy some fresh air.


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